Hi there! Here are a few English resources to practice these days. If you click on "ACE!", you will find activities from our book, but you can also investigate other books! Choose one and then click on number 3 (because you are in year 3). Hi class! Click on this image, choose a story and enjoy it! l EASTER Easter Holidays Surprise! More challenges for these days, let´s see if you find out the messages and "mystery pictures". Friday, April 3rd Hi class! This is an Easter challenge. Can you find out the answer? Good luck! Thursday, April 2nd Hi class! Watch the video and write the coordinates to take the bunny from his burrow to his basket. Monday, March 30th Hi class! 1. Watch the story. 2. Write a note for the Easter Bunny (the example is on the video). Where are the Easter eggs?  Include this information in the note. Tuesday, March 24th  SECRET MES


Viernes 27 de marzo ¡Hola clase! Aquí os dejo la tarea de la seño Marta. Tenéis que leer la lectura y realizar los ejercicios incluidos en el documento. ¡Mucho ánmo! Actividades para el día del padre.


Hi class! On this wall you can include all your tasks, you only have to take a photo! Your families have the password. Bye for now!


Let´s "Start from Scratch" Step 1: Getting Started Step 2: Let´s make it talk! Friday, March 27th Make your portrait. Art History Puzzle Choose a painting and a level of difficulty (easy, medium or hard) The Color Cube Art Game Select a color and "color" the cubes to create different images Art History Portrait Mix Click on any part of the face to rotate panels and create new faces The Fractal Drawing Game Move your mouse to create abstract art Which One is Art? Can you identify which are the actual artworks? Wednesday, March 18 Make a 3-Dimensional Heart!


Hi class! If you want more GoNoodle songs, include the names in this form. Cargando… Hi there! This new section is for you to keep fit at home. I hope you enjoy it!


Miércoles, 25 de marzo. Copia la siguiente ficha en tu libreta de Matemáticas y resuelve las preguntas utilizando la información que aparece en el enlace. Enlace con la información: LA OCA DE EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA


WRITE READER Entra a la biblioteca de la clase y crea tu historia.  Martes, 17 de marzo. RETOS  Aquí tenéis los retos que os ha explicado Paloma, para practicar en casa. EL SUPERZORRO Mejoremos la dieta de los tres granjeros. POESÍA


Monday, March 23rd What the video and complete the task in your notebook. SEGOVIA AQUEDUCT (OPTIONAL ACTIVITY) Hi there! This is an optional activity for you to do if you are bored... In this activity, there is a video with a story (the level of difficulty is high, but you don´t need to understand all the information...).  These are the instructions: 1. Read the glossary (information about "difficult words"). 2. Watch the story. 3. Loot at the activities and do the ones you like the most. Glossary Story Free-choice activity 1 Watch the story and complete. Free-choice activity 2 Watch the story and write your article. Free-choice activity 3 Watch the story and do the test. Cargando… Monday, March 16th Watch the video and complete the task in your notebook. UNIT 4 OUR HERITAGE Virtual tour UNIT 3 HISTORY Monday, February 10th (Computer Room) Learning standards: 1.1.


EGGS-PERIMENTS Thursday, March 26th Hi class! Watch the video and make a concept map to revise the "Nutrition Systems". Take care! Wednesday, March 18th Hi there! Make a poster in your notebook about the life process "Interaction". You can include my images or draw the different parts. xoxo UNIT 3 OUR SYSTEMS EXCRETORY SYSTEM Oral presentation: Wednesday, March 11th. Nutrition Game Classwork Friday 21st (model) Oral presentation Day: Friday, February 14th  Activity Wednesday, January 29th UNIT 2 PLANTS UNIT 1 ANIMALS